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The Future of AI in Cybersecurity

Why Generative AI in NOT the Whole Story

By Kevin E. Jackson

CEO & Founder | Level 6 Cybersecurity

Generative AI has dominated the headlines for more than a year, mesmerizing technologists and laypeople alike with its ability to create natural language interactions with software tools. The advancement of these tools has triggered a laundry list of questions centered around one theme: how will AI affect my industry, my discipline, or my profession?

Cybersecurity is no exception.

But while headlines buzz around the potential for a cyber development arms race fueled by generative AI, a quieter sensation takes root. Through machine learning algorithms, predictive and desciptive models that anticipate and capture changes in complex environments are now providing actionable guidance to decision makers in the fields of medicine, environmental science, finance, astrophysics, and most recently, cybersecurity.

What happens if we take these aspects of AI even further?