Level 6 Cybersecurity

LISN beta Early Adopter Program Launch Party

A Revolutionary Cyber Strategy Analytic Tool Suite for RH-ISAC Members

The Level 6 Infosec Strategy Network (LISN) is an analytic tool suite helping cybersecurity decision makers tap in to global cyber success and failure data to develop better cyber strategies for their organizations.

The LISN tool suite is built to optimize every dollar and every hour invested into your organization’s cybersecurity program.

Create Your Cyber Profile

The LISN Assessment Center is an online survey tool that captures anonymous organizational cyber strategy data in a logic-driven way to minimize the time it takes to enter inputs.

Get Predictive ROI Results

LISN's global data pool gives members the power to model the impact of cybersecurity strategy changes before implementing them in the real world.

Improve Your Cyber Strategy

The Cyber Strategy Center hosts easy-to-understand metrics that track your cyber program's effectiveness at the Domain and Program Levels.

Model Threats Strategically

LISN model's alignment with the MITRE ATT&CK framework provides a first-of-its-kind view into how optimal cyber strategies directly enable tactical defenses.

RH-ISAC Members qualify for extended access to the LISN beta Early Adopter Program.

Behind the Global Data Pool

The LISN tools suite uses the power of globally sourced data analytics and artificial intelligence to analyze what statistically works and fails in cybersecurity, delivering detailed answers to the most pressing information security questions your organization faces.

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What is the Level 6 Infosec Strategy Network (LISN)?

It all begins with the LISN Assessment Center

Put your organization’s cyber program data to work. The LISN Assessment Center is a comprehensive survey tool that anonymously captures your organization’s high level strategic cyber data.


Once the survey is complete, the LISN AI engine calculates which elements of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy correlate to statistically fewer breaches, fewer losses, stronger programs, and greater ROI.

Simulate your next move with the Interactive Analysis Dashboard

Would you like to know if it is worth it to host monthly cybersecurity trainings on-site and in person? Is it worth the cost savings to leverage home-grown log aggregation and analysis instead of buying a SIEM?


Choose from over 20 cyber domains of interest to simulate the positive and negative ROI impacts of various strategy changes. Take your analyses further by asking LISN to calculate how simultaneous changes in multiple domains might impact ROI.

Increase program effectiveness with the Cyber Strategy Center

Use the Domain and Program Effectiveness Scoring to identify and address your cyber program’s greatest strengths and weaknesses. Your Domain and Program Effectiveness Scores leverage LISN’s globally sourced data pool to calculate how close your security program is to optimal use of people and dollars.


See strategic guidance on how to generate the best cybersecurity outcomes for your program and discover how your cybersecurity ROI performance compares to other organizations in your industry.

Link domain strategy performance to existing threat profiles

Every LISN member organization has immediate access to the tool’s MIRE ATT&CK mapping library. This dynamic model shows what attacker tactics and techniques are most likely to succeed given the holistic cyber strategy profile, then provides the relevant ATT&CK mitigations and detection approaches.


These Maps show how each LISN cybersecurity strategy domain aligns with the tactics and techniques of ATT&CK, thereby showing how an organization’s cyber strategy weaknesses may increase the odds that specific adversary approaches will succeed.

LISN beta Early Adopter benefits for RH-ISAC members

RH-ISAC members that join the LISN Early Adopter Program receive access to LISN beta from March 2023 through May 2023 as well as full access to LISN v1.0 from the end of the program through December 31, 2023 all for 60% off the standard LISN membership fee. A 2-Year contract is required to gain access, and can be canceled any time. 

Early Bird Access

  • Early access to each LISN beta capability
  • Early access to LISN beta cyberstrategy analytic results
  • Immediate access to Cyber Strategy Threat Modeling capability

Specific Results

  • Industry and organization size-specific results
  • Strategy change alerts as new analytic results arise
  • Interactive analysis “scenario modeling” for optimizing cyber ROI

Agile Input

  • Direct input on LISN product design & features
  • Interactive virtual training sessions on LISN operation

Premiere Features

  • Access to a secure online portal for feedback delivery and EAP updates
  • Preview access to future capabilities based on the LISN platform – Q3 and Q4 2023

Join the LISN beta Early Adopter Program Today!

LISN is a game changing analytic tool suite, backed by sound data and a decorated board of advisors. While we wish we could bring everyone along, there are a limited number of Early Adopter Membership Seats available for subscription.

Follow the link below to reach out to a member of our team and receive more information on how you can secure your early adopter membership.