Helping cybersecurity decision makers solve the cyber management puzzle.

We created LISN using the analytic power of AI to advise cybersecurity decision makers where to prioritize their resources for the best return on investment.

Level 6 Cybersecurity helps solve the cybersecurity management puzzle.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio

18 Team Members

Minority Owned Family Business

Patent-Pending Algorithm

Venture Capitalist Backed

Top Tier Advisory Board

Success is a journey.

Level 6 Cybersecurity CEO, Kevin Jackson shares his company's journey to success.

After 27 years working in software systems engineering, security, and compliance, Kevin Jackson theorized that business intelligence techniques can be used to bring real-world data into strategic decision making in cybersecurity.


After months of design work and consultation with other CISOs in many industries, Kevin files the provisional patent for the CSM. With this filing, the concept of an AI-powered cybersecurity advisor is born.


After a successful early adopter program, LISN v1.0 is released. Featuring only basic functionality, the tool still delivers on the promise of outcome-based cybersecurity leveraging real-world data from breaches, organizational strategy capture, and academic research. 

Winter 2023

LISN v1.15 is released, enhancing prior functionality but adding a powerful new LISN Assessment Center capability and a first of its kind Strategy Risk Assessment feature. As a result, interest from CISOs around the world grows


Kevin documents the architecture for an OSINT-powered, machine learning algorithm that calculates what security decisions are actually worth their cost. He calls it the cybersecurity strategy matrix, or CSM.


Angel investors partner with Kevin to found Level 6 Cybersecurity. The company's goals? To revolutionize how CISOs design and manage their security programs with an automated advisory tool focusing on outcomes instead of controls alone. The company launches operations on April 1st, 2022.

Spring 2023

LISN v1.1 is released, the first full-featured version of the tool. In addition to strategy effectiveness scores showing organizations how to optimize their time and money, the new release offers strategic threat modeling and strategy simulation capabilities.  

Spring 2024

Made by CISOs, for CISOs.

Our company was founded by CISOs who know what it feels like to shoulder the heavy consequences of making cybersecurity decisions. 

Cyber decision makers like you who have dedicated years to securing their organizations in an aggressive and fast-paced digital ecosystem.

Who align their cyber programs with well-known standards like the Information Security Maturity Model in a never ending struggle to keep pace with new threats. All under the restraint of limited resources.

That’s why we developed LISN, the world’s first AI Cybersecurity Advisor.

LISN was created to evolve cyber strategy beyond traditional models and shoulder some of the burden CISOs experience. 

We believe in empowering cyber decision makers with statistically sound guidance to optimize every dollar and every hour invested into cybersecurity.

We believe in a Level 6.

LISN, by Level 6 Cybersecurity, was made by CISOs for CISOs.
LISN goes beyond the highest level on the Information Security Maturity Model scale.

Our Culture of Inclusion

Everyone is Important

We believe that in the workplace, no matter what their title, everyone should be treated as if they are the most important person you will ever have the opportunity to work with.

Great Ideas, Held Loosely.

At Level 6 we have a lot of great ideas, and we encourage open collaboration across our teams to make those great ideas an even better reality.

Agile, then Agile.

There's agile, and then there's agile. At Level 6 we stay engaged with our clients and our development process to create the best possible product and user experience.

Chase the Challenge.

We believe in chasing the challenge set before us and keeping our minds open to embracing the next. Creating the world's first AI cybersecurity advisor software is no simple thing!

Empowering the CISO

CISOs need help.

CISOs are fighting incredibly difficult battles while managing significant constraints. But LISN’s combination of Generative AI and complex analytic models is making a difference.