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The Story Behind Level 6

The Information Security Maturity Model, used prolifically across the IT sphere to assess an organization’s level of information management, has five descriptive stages:

                              Level 1 – Ad-Hoc
                              Level 2 – Repeatable
                              Level 3 – Defined
                              Level 4 – Managed
                              Level 5 – Optimized
These levels are designed to track the development of an
organization’s security management processes. They cover what the world has always considered the full spectrum of maturity.
Our company was founded on the promise of evolving cyber strategy beyond these traditional models. Until now, cybersecurity programs have been based on generalized best practices, varying industry standards, and trend-of-the-day solutions. But Level 6 believes in cyber strategy based on real success and failure data captured from the global data pool of cyber breaches and security incidents. We believe in providing cyber decision makers with statistically sound guidance to optimize every dollar and every hour invested into cybersecurity. We believe in taking organizational cyber strategy to a whole new level.

We believe in Level 6.

What is the


Level 6 Cybersecurity’s patented LISN tool suite applies artificial intelligence to globally-sourced, real-world data to determine what cybersecurity strategies yield optimal outcomes. Level 6 offers those results as interactive strategy analyses available worldwide.