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Level 6 Cyber Among Top 24 Startups to Watch in 2024!

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24 Cincinnati Startups to Watch in 2024 

Level 6 Cybersecurity Named First in 6th Annual Startups to Watch List

By Liz Engel, Christian DeLuc

Cincinnati Business Courier

Last year was a challenging one for startups nationwide. There were fewer blockbuster headlines celebrating massive fundraises. Exits – when founders or investors sell to larger firms or make public market debuts – were virtually nil in the region. Banks closed and layoffs were a common theme across the tech scene.

In Cincinnati, however, dozens of newly formed companies were building, quietly, in a way that only the Midwest can master. For our sixth annual Startups to Watch list, we introduce you to 24 of them. We think they have outsized potential as we settle into 2024.

These early-stagers (traditionally, companies sitting at a Series B funding or below) have established solid traction – either with fresh capital raises, fast revenue growth, impressive hires or innovative solutions to novel problems. They were flagged by local StartupCincy ecosystem players, venture capitalists and Courier and Cincy Inno staff.”

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