Level 6 Cybersecurity

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Meet your AI

Cybersecurity Advisor

LISN, the Level 6 Infosec Strategy Network, provides AI-powered analytic tools to empower cyber decision makers with data-driven business intelligence to optimize cybersecurity cost benefit.

Make smarter cybersecurity decisions based on data,

not guesswork.

LISN Platform Highlights

Four Tools. One Platform.

Get access to four AI-powered analytic tools tailored to optimize every investment your organization makes into cybersecurity.

Generate custom analytic
models for your organization.

Compare automatically modeled metrics for your organization’s unique industry, size, business profile, and revenue.

Improve cyber resilience

with machine learning.

Interact with cyber strategy cost-benefit parameters, simulate new strategies, and generate data visualizations to support cyber decision making.

Gain peace of mind.

Avoid information overload.

LISN sets a new standard in applying AI and data analytics to strategic cyber planning without getting lost in tactics.

The LISN Network

Meet the growing number of clients, partners, and associates discovering the difference data-driven cyber strategy can make.

“LISN’s actionable, real-world intelligence helps transform global companies’ cybersecurity from defensive whack-a-mole triage to pro-active, on-target activities that mitigate risk and maximize return.”

Nathan Estruth

Retired Senior Global Procter &
Gamble Executive

“Cyber often feels like spend, spend, and hope! It doesn’t have to be that way with ROI-based cyber strategies. Merge your risk tolerance with value-driven strategies to protect your enterprise regardless of size!”

Renee Wynn

Former CIO of NASA

"In a world where cybersecurity threats are escalating day after day, right-sizing the investment to ensure the right level of protection at the right cost is of paramount importance to ensure continuity of profitable operations. Level 6 Cybersecurity's ROI-based LISN knowledge service brings the power of advanced analytics to 'simplify the complexity' of cyber investment decisions for the leadership in charge of the company."

Stefano Mezzabotta
Former CIO of Bridgestone Americas and P&G
Western Europe

We’re Always Looking Forward.

Level 6 is committed to developing cutting-edge technologies to better safeguard organizations against the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

We Know Cyber.

The team behind LISN has over 80 years of combined experience as CISOs, Security Compliance Managers, and Cloud Security Architects.

We Remain Agile.

Much like our product, Level 6 is dedicated to learning and bettering our organization so that we can deliver the best cyber business intelligence to our partners.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”