Level 6 Cybersecurity

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AI-Powered Analytic Tools to Optimize Your Cyber Strategy

The LISN Analytic Tool Suite

Cyber Strategy Analytics Powered by Globally Sourced Data

The Level 6 Information Security Strategy Network (LISN) is a patent pending, membership-based data analytics service empowering cybersecurity decision makers to maximize the value of every dollar spent and every hour invested in cybersecurity.

The LISN Knowledge Service Optimal Cyber Strategies Powered By Data Analytics

Revolutionize Your Approach to Cybersecurity Strategy

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Learn About The Level 6 Information Security Strategy Network (LISN)

Answers for Every Cybersecurity Question.

The LISN tool suite uses the power of globally sourced data analytic and artificial intelligence to analyze what statistically works and fails in cybersecurity, delivering detailed answers to the most pressing information security questions your organization faces.

LISN Empowers Cybersecurity Decision Makers with Interactive Strategy Analysis Tools

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Level 6 Infosec Strategy Network Features

These self-service analytics are fuel for corporate leadership and cyber practitioners to use when evaluating every aspect of cybersecurity strategy.

Cyber Insight Reports

Cyber Strategy Scorecards and Benchmarking

Along with cyber strategy program and domain effectiveness scores, LISN provides industry benchmark data on cyber strategy effectiveness. Users can see at a glance how their cybersecurity ROI performance compares to organizations in their industry.

Cyber Strategy Reports

Strategy Recommendations

LISN's Cyber Strategy Guidance feature shows you exactly what cyber strategy changes can improve your security program effectiveness score in that cyber domain.

Cyber Optimization Reports

Analysis Dashboards

LISN's global data pool gives members the power to model the impact of cybersecurity strategy changes before implementing them in the real world.

Strategic Cyber Threat Alerts

Cyber Strategy

The LISN model's alignment with the MITRE ATT&CK framework provides a first-of-its-kind view into how optimal cyber strategies directly enable tactical defenses.

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